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Changing your minor subject

Important information with regard to changing your minor subject to LLC in the summer semester

Although it is not possible to regularly begin LLC in the summer, those students who are already enrolled in a minor subject can change their minor subject to LLC, if it is possible to place them in a higher semester.

In order to do this, the following steps need to be taken:

1. You register for the summer semester.

for this, it is sufficient for you to pay the fees duw for the following semester. You cannot change your minor subject, before the registration has been completed. The most important dates can be found on the pages of the Studentenkanzlei.

2. Please make sure your new minor subject (LLC) can be combined with your major (cf. General Information)

3. Please contact the Coordinator of Studies to get advice with respect to a prospective change of your minor subject.

Please ask the Coordinator of Studies for advice well ahead of time; it is important to make sure that it makes sense for you to change into a higher semester and to check whether and, if so, how many credits can be transferred from your old major subject (or from pre-existing skills, e.g. foreign languages) into your new one. If this is possible you get a 'Semesteranrechnungsbescheid' (a form which states that you can be placed into the second semester), which confirms that the winter semester which you spent in your old subject can be counted as the first semester of your new subject (LLC).

4. You take the 'Semesteranrechnungsbescheid' to the Prüfungsamt (Examination Office); there, the form needs to be rubber-stamped.

Address, opening times, etc. can be found on the pages of the Examination Office.

5. You pay a visit to the Studentenkanzlei (Sachgebiet 2) before the respective deadline and change your minor subject.

The latest deadline can be found on the pages of the Studentenkanzlei. Please bring the following documents:

  • If you have already received your study documents (student ID, etc.) for the semester in which you would like to change your minor subject, please return them to the Studentenkanzlei.
  • student ID
  • If you change into a higher semester: 'Semesteranrechnungsbescheid' of the respective Examination Office