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What is enrolment?

The term 'enrolment' (= 'Belegen' in German) refers to the application for a place in a course (you basically say: "I want to participate." and wait and see whether get you a place or not). In LLC you need to enrol electronically for all classes via the online system LSF. The respective interface will be put online at the beginning of the enrolment period.

Please pay attention to the information provided on the LSF Help as well.

Attention: LLC employs the so-called "Belegen über den Modulbaum"!

When is the enrolment period?

Usually, the enrolment period for LLC starts within the final 10 days before the first week of term. During this period, you can enrol for places in the desired classes. The automatic distribution of places will start immediately after the end of the enrolment period and last for about a day; after that, lecturers have one to two days to manually adjust participant lists. During this time, said lists are blocked and students cannot see which courses they got. As soon as this procedure is concluded, the lists are unblocked and students can see the final result in their timetables.

Deadlines can be found under Latest dates.

How does it work?

In LLC (and in most other courses), you use a procedure called 'prioritised enrolment', also called 'enrolment with the 'module tree''.

Every course of studies is based on a so-called 'module tree', in which the abstract course names (like "Themen der Linguistik") can be found; each semester, the actual, concrete classes are ascribed to these abstract course names.

The enrolment interface is structured according to the module tree; an example: you can find the introductory lectures under 'P1: Grundlagen und Methoden', etc.

To enrol in classes, you click your way down the tree structure until you arrive at the level of concrete, actual classes; then, you have two possibilities:

  • If there is only one class listed under an abstract course type (which may often be the case in WP1 'Languages'), you choose it by ticking the respective box.
  • If there more than one class listed under an abstract course type (which may often be the case in WPs 2-5), you can assign priorities to your preferred courses. This means you give numbers (1 being the highest priority) to those courses you want to participate in. If possible, you should select five courses and assign them the according priorities to give yourself a realistic chance of getting a place.

In case you need help with enrolling in courses, please contact the coordinator of studies.

What do I need for the first semester?

See Academic Program. There is also some advice under FAQs.